About Us

Bringing together top podcasters, audio producers, content distributors and fans together, PodFest China is committed to creating an active, resource sharing network through a series of events and workshops for Chinese podcasters to exchange ideas and best practice. The first ever PodFest China conference was successfully held in January 2019 in Shanghai, followed by an audio workshop in June.

Who joins us at PodFest China?

  • Audio content producers
  • Audio technicians
  • Audio content distributors & publishers
  • Audio platforms & service providers
  • Researchers & writers covering audio content
  • Other creators
  • Listeners & pod fans

Join us!

If you are interested in volunteering with us and you are passionate about engaging with creative sound works, please write to us to apply. Tell us who you are, how you know PodFest, and your five of your favorite podcasts.

Any thoughts, comments and ideas to share? Feel feel to write to us too.

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