PodFest China 2020

PodFest China Annual Conference – 2020.10.31 @Shanghai

On Saturday, Oct. 31, the 3rd annual PodFest China conference was held in Shanghai. Themed “New Waves of Chinese Podcasting,” this year’s program brought over 22 pioneers to speak about the progresses of podcasting in China. Speakers represented some of China’s most influential audio and podcast platforms, audio tech companies, productions studios, individual podcasters and cross-over content creators. Held by PodFest China in partnership with Xiao Yu Zhou (小宇宙App, namely Little Cosmo App), an emerging podcast app released in early 2020, the conference attracted nearly 500 attendants from all over the country.

Main Stage: How technology and tools are driving podcasting innovation in China?

Main Stage: Where are we with distribution and monetization

Xiao Yu Zhou Stage: Podcasting, New Medium for Expression

Xiao Yu Zhou Stage: Podcasting, Advancing Crossover Collaboration

Xiao Yu Zhou Stage: Podcasting, Triggering Life Changes

Event Highlights